Stone Restoration


Oxford Castle prison


These specially developed mortar repairs will cure very close in colour to match with the adjacent stone

The above lime mortar pointing has been specially formulated to ensure compatibility with the exiting material.
Mortar repairs to stonework, sometimes known as reconstructed or plastic stone repairs, are generally carried out for economic considerations or in order to avoid the removal of an excessive amount of original stone material. In most repair situations it must be said that indenting defective areas with new stone is the preferred method, as the longevity of a natural stone indent (if carried out correctly) is well in excess of the alternative mortar solution.

Stone Restoration is a specialist subject, requiring expertise in both the development of each repair regime and on site application and control of the work. There are a variety of stone repair mortars available, not all of which will afford an aesthetically pleasing and lasting repair. Cementitious rich stone mortar repair materials are hard, dense and less pervious and should be avoided. Unfortunately these inexpensive materials are still widely used today and contribute to the early discoloring and failure of stone repairs.

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Once a suitable repair mortar has been developed, it is essential that the operative entrusted with carrying out the repair is suitably qualified. Fig 1 & 2 above shows a totally inappropriate repair in both material and application. Fig 3 & 4 repair has been carried out by LSR in a premium specialist mortar. This will weather back with the adjacent stone and will never loose its colour or texture.


Stone Conservation, relative to indenting, is primarily the art of replacing severely decayed stone, which otherwise would leave the remaining stone and fabric open to the ingress of moisture and accelerated weathering.

If all weathered stone was to be replaced many of our ancient buildings would lose much of their original material. The Conservator is often in a dilemma as to the extent of replacement to allow on a project.

Generally ‘Less is Best’

Generally new material is indented proud of the existing weathered stone and often to its original line and dimension as in fig 6 &7.

When stone is beyond economical repair as in fig 8, it is sometimes prudent to replace the entire structure for fear of the new material being undermined by deteriorating decayed stone. In this particular instant the original capping stone was salvaged intact and was reused.

Kingsway House
London -Portland Stone

This repair mortar on Portland stone has been developed to permit the underlying stone to breath, thereby reducing the harmful build up of salts at the interface of the repair.

This stone arrow slit window was repaired without distressing the new stone in order to maintain the honest integrity of the  stone facade.
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